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What Our Customers Say

The Eggar agency is awesome! Never before have I received better customer service! Thanks for taking care of my family's needs and providing peace of mind at a fair rate.


“Everyone at Eggar Insurance is friendly and helpful. I was recently hit by a car backing up. I drove to Eggar Office where they filled out and mailed all the paperwork for the police office, called the other insurance company office, and started the process for me. By 4 PM, I was called back and given the number of an auto repair company in my town. Can't ask for anything more.”


“It's always a pleasure to call the agency and hear a friendly voice on the other end. The staff has been very helpful and go out of their way to assist me with my insurance needs.”


“Eggar Insurance is always top notch in service and friendliness. I have no desire to look for other agents because I know they would never care about my family as much as Eggar Insurance does!”