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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Boats are an investment both personally and financially. Part of ownership should include boat insurance as a form of protection. Coverage gives people the peace of mind they need to relax and enjoy the ride.


There are many coverage options available to boat owners including:

Collision repair or replacement
Bodily injury
Property damage
Optional coverage

The coverage needed often depends on the type of boat and how it is used.

Reason for Insurance

People want to know that their boat is protected in case of an accident. There are many things that can happen on the way to the water, once there, or even theft when parked. Many lenders require insurance on a boat during the payoff period. Liability insurance is often part of state regulations. It is important to check with the local laws to ensure proper coverage.


Insurance is an affordable way to safeguard a boat. The yearly price depends on several things such as:

Size of boat and motor
State where boat is located
Additional coverage options
Assessed value

Getting boat insurance is worth looking into. People are pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to buy insurance for their boat.

Anyone with a Boat

Anyone who owns a motor boat should strongly consider purchasing insurance to cover it. No one wants to think about something unpleasant happening, but there is always the risk it could. The possibility of it happening to YOU is why you should purchase coverage. A boat may be just a weekend toy or one may use it daily. Either way, it should be protected.

Plan Ahead

No one can predict the future, but being prepared is important. Get coverage before something happens becaus. No one wants to be the person who wishes they would have had insurance after something happens. There is an inherent risk of damage when owning and using a boat. This is why our professional team advise people to always be prepared.

Relieve the Stress

Boating is meant to be enjoyed. Taking the boat out on the water and letting the cares of the world float away is one reason why people love the sport. Having the piece of mind knowing that you have the proper coverage for it can make the whole experience a great deal more enjoyable.