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Heart House – A Safe Haven to Learn and Grow!

Heart House is a big-hearted organization aimed at providing a safe after school environment where kids living under difficult circumstances can have a place to learn and thrive! Their ongoing Head, Heart, and Hands (H3) program was developed to do just that – offering character building tools and educational assistance such as homework help, mentoring, […]

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Our team of expert advisors are here to make sure you are sheltered from life's unexpected storms - we protect your family, and make you part of ours.

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  • The Eggar agency is awesome! Never before have I received better customer service! Thanks for taking care of my family's needs and providing peace of mind at a fair rate.


  • “Everyone at Eggar Insurance is friendly and helpful. I was recently hit by a car backing up. I drove to Eggar Office where they filled out and mailed all the paperwork for the police office, called the other insurance company office, and started the process for me. By 4 PM, I was called back and given the number of an auto repair company in my town. Can't ask for anything more.”

    JANET R.

  • “It's always a pleasure to call the agency and hear a friendly voice on the other end. The staff has been very helpful and go out of their way to assist me with my insurance needs.”

    LASCH R.

  • “Eggar Insurance is always top notch in service and friendliness. I have no desire to look for other agents because I know they would never care about my family as much as Eggar Insurance does!”


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